Six Common Myths about Heart Surgery

Six Common Myths about Heart Surgery

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It is only common for patients to have too many concerns about heart surgery. Whether it’s a member of the family or a friend suffering from cardiac problems, we look up a lot of information online, without knowing how many of them are true or actually impactful. Heart transplant in India is a very common medical procedure, so it is important to know about the common myths about this procedure.

The Heart is taken out to Perform the Surgery

This is one of the most common misconceptions where many people think that the heart is taken out from the body to conduct the surgery. But that is not the case. Only time heart is removed physically when it needs a heart transplantation but other heart surgery procedures can be completed with minimal invasive techniques; thanks to the new age medical facilities. It also offers faster recovery and is much less scarier than it sounds.

It can Cause a Stroke or even Hurt Brain Function

If you look at the old medical reports, there are instances of stroke and brain damage after open heart surgery. Even when done in the best heart hospital in India, there were lesser sophisticated medical and surgical techniques available. However, today the scope of such mishaps is really little. Firstly, your doctor will speak about your specific medical condition thoroughly before going through the surgery. Also, post operative complications can be dealt much simpler than how it was possible in the yesteryears.

Robotic Surgery is Better

This is not true because there is always importance of manual experience. Even though robotic surgery can be used for minimal invasive surgery, it is also more expensive than when performed by a surgeon.

Won’t be able to Resume Normal Activities

This is also not true. While some healing might take longer, most of the surgeries will help you get back to normal life typically after 2 weeks including driving. It should be remembered that the patient is the most important factor to recover from heart surgery. Keep in touch with your doctor and make sure that your progress is happening rightly.

Angioplasty is Safer

It should be understood what is the difference between angioplasty and bypass surgery. Angioplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that helps to make the blood flow again in case of any blockage, but CABG is where the surgeon takes a vessel from another part of the body and graft set above and below the blocked artery. Understandably, the first one is way quicker and can be recovered easily.

TAVR is better than Valve Surgery

Trans catheter arotic valve replacement is a minimal invasive procedure where a damaged heart valve is replaced by a catheter from another part of the body but the damage valve is not removed; however, in SAVR (surgical arotic valve replacement) a damaged bulb is repaired and replaced using a mechanical metal valve. The decision of what to be done on the patient involves a certain amount of surgical risk and is best left to the experts to decide.

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