The end-stage of liver cancer what to expect

The End-stage of liver cancer what to expect

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Liver cancer is a very common form of cancer in the world which tragically affects a chunk of lives. What is even more tragic and traumatizing is that the mortality of liver cancer is very high. Liver cancer can be classified as primary liver cancer and metastatic liver cancer. Metastatic liver cancer is when the disease spreads to the liver from another location in the body. Liver cancer has various stages and when it reaches the final stage, then it is called the end stage of the last stage of cancer. Many best cancer treatments in India by hospitals will detect your liver cancer at an early stage and thus, it will prevent the disease to reach in the last stage. Here, we are going to describe in details about the end-stage of liver cancer what to expect.

Causes of liver cancer

Most people who are suffering from liver cancer get it in the setting of chronic liver disease (cirrhosis) which scars the liver and enhances the chance of liver cancer. Conditions which are responsible for cirrhosis are alcohol use/abuse, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. The causes of liver cancer may be linked to environmental, dietary, and lifestyle factors.

What are the signs and symptoms of end-stage liver cancer?

  • Excessive weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • A feeling of an enlarged liver
  • Uncontrolled abdominal pain
  • Itching
  • Increased swelling of feet and belly
  • Swollen legs
  • Yellowing of eyes and skin (jaundice)

Is liver cancer curable?

Liver cancer is very difficult to cure because most of the cases it is detected in the late stage or end-stage. Liver cancer may never go completely. So, follow-up is needed in case of the treatment of liver cancer.

What are the treatment options for end-stage Liver cancer?

Surgery: Liver cancer can be treated with surgery. Surgery is a procedure which removes the part of the liver with cancer. Surgery is ideal for the treatment of small sizes of cancer tumour. Surgery has many complications including bleeding, infections, and other side effects.

Liver transplant: In this process, the doctor replaces the cancerous liver with a healthy liver from a donor (either living or deceased). This treatment is ideal for small unresectable liver tumours in patients with advanced cirrhosis.

Ablation therapy: In this treatment procedure, the doctor kills the cancer cells in the liver without surgery. The doctor can kill the cancerous cells by using heat, laser or injecting acid directly into the cancerous cells. This technique is known as palliative care when the cancer is unresectable and in the advanced stage.

Embolization: Blocking the blood supply to the cancerous cells can be done using a procedure known as embolization. In this technique, a catheter is used to inject particles or beads which can block blood vessels that usually feed the cancerous cells. By preventing blood supply to the cancerous cells actually inhibit the growth of cancer. When this technique is used along with chemotherapy, then it is called chemoembolization.

Radiation therapy: Here, high-energy rays are applied directly to the cancerous kills to destroy or kill them utterly.

Chemotherapy: This therapy uses a medicine which kills the cancerous cells. This medicine is given either by mouth or injecting it into the vein feeding the liver. The patients may have various side effects of chemotherapy.

What is the survival rate of people for liver cancer?

If the cancer is diagnosed in the early stage, then the survival rate is near about 5 years. But if it is in advanced stage (when cancer is spread to other different organs), then people can survive up to 2 years.

The survival rate also gets affected by the available treatment options. Nowadays, many cancer hospitals are providing the best and unparalleled cancer treatment to patients in India. These hospitals are equipped with the latest treatment techniques and are flooded with many deft and skilful doctors.

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