The Success Rate of Liver Transplant Surgery in India

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A liver transplant or hepatic transplant is the finest way to save your life when your liver stops functioning properly. In this treatment, an expert doctor surgically removes your entire liver and then replaces it (all or part) with a healthy donor liver. A liver donor can be a living or deceased donor. The liver transplant in India is becoming popular day by day as more patients are opting for this surgery to lead a healthy life.

Healthy liver not only enhances your longevity but also filters blood and removes toxins from your body. A liver transplant is the last option for chronic liver diseases and severe acute liver diseases.

Though liver transplant is an intricate surgery, the success rate of liver transplant in India has become quite high. Experienced and the best liver doctors in India promise over a 95% success rate at the most advanced and well-equipped liver transplant hospitals. A study has also claimed that 95% of patients who have experienced liver transplant surgery, recovered and were discharged from hospitals in good health. The treatment has nearly 3-5% risk associated with it. 

The Risks of Liver Transplant Surgery

The prime risk of liver transplant is transplant failure means your body rejects the new liver. Other risks and complications of liver transplant surgery are,

  •       Bleeding
  •       Blood clots
  •       Damage to bile ducts
  •       Infections


Liver transplant surgeries are also successful in the long term. Most people, including children and sportspeople return to normal life after 3-6 months of surgery.

  •       One-year survival rate: 86%
  •       Three-year survival rate: 78%
  •       15-20 years survival rate: 65%-70%

Why are Liver Transplants Needed?

According to the “American Liver Foundation”, nearly 8000 liver transplant surgeries are performed every year in the USA. A liver transplant is the only option for a person having end-stage liver disease. A doctor recommends liver transplants when other treatments are not sufficient to keep the patient alive. Cirrhosis is the prime reason when an adult needs a liver transplant. Causes of cirrhosis are,

  •       Alcohol abuse
  •       Hepatitis B and C
  •       Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  •       Auto-immune liver disease
  •       Biliary atresia (a common liver disease in new-borns)
  •       metabolic disorders


A team of doctors will consider certain factors to decide whether you need a liver transplant or not. These include:

  •       The severity of your condition
  •       Other health conditions you have
  •       Your history of tuberculosis and chronic infections (HIV)
  •       Your overall physical condition
  •       your mental well-being
  •       level of support from your family or friends


Liver Transplant Waiting List

When you are eligible for liver transplant surgery, your name will be included in the list of the national waiting list.

Depending on your Model of End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) score, the doctor will decide when you need liver transplant surgery. This score is based on blood tests, such as:

  • Measuring your level of creatinine (This shows how well your kidneys are working properly)
  • Checking your international normalized ratio (This depicts how well your liver is making blood-clotting proteins)


Patients with the highest scores are sicker, and they need immediate liver transplants. Regular blood tests need to be done to update your MELD score and position on the list. There is also a Paediatric End-Stage Liver Disease score for those younger than age 12. Waiting for a liver transplant in India is a time-consuming process, but if you get a match then it can happen quickly. The liver can come from a deceased (who had a healthy liver) or a living donor.

Though liver transplant is time-consuming and complicated, still, the success rate is high in India. In future, this surgery will become more efficient because new technologies are being invented and researchers are performing various studies to establish liver transplants as an effective treatment for liver failure.

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