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There exists a common myth about breast cancer in India. It is so ironic that we have the best cancer doctors in India and yet we have the number of believers in the myth of breast cancer. These myths can severely punish women with anxiety and increase chances of having breast cancer earlier than it probably should or can be cured. 

So, it is important to learn and avail complete and correct information about the unnecessary myths that have been prevailing for so long among people about breast cancer.

Here we want to underline six most common, from many myths, and try to normalise the fear among people about breast cancer:

It can only Happen to Women. 

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about breast cancer among men. Breast cancer is also possible in men. Breast cancer is caused because of the tissues that beneath the nipple lump out that can be detected as cancer. These misconceptions in men lead to a complete ignorance of the fact and fall into carrying a cancerous cell so long to bring it closer to the situation of untreatable cancer. Everyone should take it seriously and go for checkups at the best cancer hospital in India.

People see themselves Safe if their Ancestors do not Have Breast Cancer.

The study says that most of the people who had breast cancer do not have a case of cancer in their family history. Study also tells, only 4-10% of people who have breast cancer also have a case in their family history. Health factors also play an important role in increasing the risk of developing breast cancer. 

Using too much Deodorant can Cause Breast Cancer. 

This is also a big misconception in people about breast cancer. They think harmful chemicals in deodorant have a reason to react with skin cells, body or nipple tissues and cause an increase in the risk of breast cancer. Whereas, there has been no study found which says that it has any link with causing cancer. 

People who have a Good Lifestyle would not have Breast Cancer. 

Having a good lifestyle can also lead your body to have cancer. But having a good diet, eating less sugar, and maintaining an overall body with consumption of the right food will always decrease the chance of having breast cancer but not completely prevent you from having one. 

Any kind of Injury to the Breast can cause you Breast Cancer.  

One reason for this to fall in the category of myth is that it can draw your attention to recognizing a lump on your breast, easily, which can lead you to think that it might be cancer. However, it can be possible that it is just a bruise or injury.

People always tell younger women they should not worry about having breast cancer. 

However, this can not only mislead the younger generation women to abuse their body with intake of harmful things around them but also allows them to get closer to having one. The study shows a very intriguing fact that developing breast cancer are the womens with the age above 50 but about 25% of people who have breast cancer are the women with age of less than 50. Women at all ages should pay attention and be aware of this fact and often visit the best cancer hospital in India for the right assistance. 

Cancer treatment in India has now become world-class with the latest and upgraded equipment to treat breast cancer in a more advanced way for patients. You can and should visit the best cancer hospital in India not only for cancer treatment but also for regular check-ups with the best doctors of cancer in India. 

I hope this blog enlightens you and brings you positivity. More of these are on its way to grab your attention with interesting facts and information. Until then, please follow and reach us out for more information on:

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