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Cancer is one of the most difficult phases in anybody’s life as it is painful, full of discomforts and demotivating. Even if the person is getting the best cancer treatment in India, he/she will still experience difficulties during, before and after the treatment. Cancer can happen to almost any part of the human body but there are certain gender specific cancers like uterus, breast, ovaries etc that happen to women while in men, it can happen in the prostate. Surgery is one of the most common treatments in treating prostate cancer as it stops the cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the body.  The surgery for prostate cancer is called radical prostatectomy in which the satire prostate gland along with the affected tissues around it is removed. 

There is a wound after the surgery which has to be taken care of and it will heal with time and proper medication prescribed by the doctor. The patient might have to stay in the hospital after 2 days from the surgery so that he can feel fit to go home and take proper rest there. After coming back home, the patient takes around 4 to 6 weeks for complete recovery after which your life will come in a normal routine.

If you are somebody who has just been through a prostate cancer surgery and is on a recovery stage, below are some of the tips that could help you in attaining better health soon

Make a Plan in Advance

Prostate cancer surgery is a major surgery which takes more than a month for complete recovery. After the surgery is over and you are conscious, you will not be able to do anything on your own for a couple of days so make sure that you make a plan well in advance and have people around you to help you with daily routine things. If you have planned everything before, you will not have a hard time post surgery and things will be easier for you.

Follow your Doctor’s Advice Completely

Following your doctor’s advice completely without any deviation from it is the first towards complete recovery and a healthy life. Your doctor is the best person who knows everything about your health and the complications of the surgery and following his advice will definitely help you in quick recovery. From the advised diet to the proper medications of time, each and everything prescribed by the doctor must be followed as advised. Doctors will tell you how to properly maintain hygiene and take care of your wound and following their advice would keep you relieved and relaxed. 

Take Proper Rest

Any surgery or injury demands proper and complete rest so that the body can recover completely and when it comes to surgeries like radical prostatectomy, even the Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India say that the duration of rest has to be even more than other surgeries. After surgery, you might feel tired, lethargic and mentally down which is why keeping your mood on the positive side while taking proper rest will definitely ease up many things for you 

Learn to take Pain and be Strong

The physical stress on the body has a lot to do with the mental state as well which is why it is always advisable to keep yourself high in spirits. You will experience pain after the surgery so you have to take painkillers on time and inform doctors if the pain is still unbearable. But with a strong mindset and determination, you will definitely recover soon and come out victorious from cancer.

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