Top Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India

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Look back some 20 years ago and you would find that there was no cure for the deadly disease called cancer. When someone was diagnosed with cancer, it was considered a curse for the person and the family.

Time changed and we witnessed a huge growth and development in medical sciences that helped us fight the majority of the fatal diseases. Today, we can avail the best cancer treatment in India and go back to our normal lives within a short period.

Best Cancer Treatment in India


India is One of the Popular Destinations for Cancer Treatment and Here is the List of Top Cancer Hospitals in India:

  • Apollo Ahmadabad

Establishment Year: 2003

Number of Doctors: 120

Number of Beds: 282

Located in Ahmedabad, this is not just a hospital but it is a world full of quality care. This hospital is providing excellent treatments in cancer care, neurosciences, bariatric surgery, transplants, and the list is long. The hospital is always in the news for its success stories. This is no doubt one of the top oncology hospitals in India.

  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata

Establishment Year: 1989

Number of Doctors: 130

Number of Beds: 700

There has always been a fight against cancer and this hospital was founded in Kolkata with an aim to provide flawless care to the ones who are struggling with the curse of cancer. The best practices in this hospital have proved that cancer is conquerable with the right treatment.

  • BLK Super Specialty

Establishment Year: 1959

Number of Doctors: 150

Number of Beds: 650

One of the top oncology hospitals in Delhi, this hospital enjoys world class and state of the art technology and hospital infrastructure. This hospital is a hub for various cancer treatments and has marked success in the majority of the cases handled.

  • Dharamshala Narayana Super Specialty Hospital

Establishment Year: 1994

Number of Doctors: 60

Number of Beds: 300

The Hospital provides exceptional treatments in over 30 medical specialties and cancer care is one of them. This hospital is running from the city of Delhi and it is providing advanced level care for all the patients.


  • Fortis Hospital Mumbai

Establishment Year: 2002

Number of Doctors: 74

Number of Beds: 300

One of the JCI accredited hospital, Fortis Hospital, Mulund is a tertiary care hospital aimed at providing excellent diagnostic and treatment services. The hospital envisages cutting edge technologies, highly talented staff, and world-class infrastructure to look after their patients.

  • Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai

Establishment Year: 1992

Number of Doctors: 82

Number of Beds: 180

Fortis Malar is a multi-specialty hospital providing excellent care to patients belonging to different medical facilities. The brand fortis was established in the year 1996 and the brand was envisioned to create a world-class healthcare system in India. The chain of hospitals is renowned for the finest medical skills with the best compassionate care.

  • Nanavati Hospital

Establishment Year: 1950

Number of Doctors: 450

Number of Beds: 350

If you are looking forward to receiving elite class treatment in India, this is the best hospital in India. This hospital is popular for critical care and provides excellent care for cancer patients.

  • Sterling Hospital

Establishment Year: 2001

Number of Doctors: 210

Number of Beds: 310

Another good name for cancer treatment in India is the Sterling Hospital located in Ahmedabad. The city of Ahmedabad is a hub for medical treatments and facilities in India and Sterling Hospital is adding more spark to it.

  • Wockhardt Hospital
Establishment Year: 2006
Number of Doctors: 1200
Number of Beds: 750

Wockhardt Hospitals is a renowned name for specialized care in India and within a span of a very few years, it has proved its excellence in all its medical facilities. Whether it is dental care, critical care, gynecology or cancer treatments, Wockhardt Hospitals stand on the top.

With the help of medical tourism in India, it is very easy to secure your admission in these medical facilities. Reach out to Livonta Global, we will help you fight your struggles in the most reasonable way.

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