Treatment options for prostate cancer

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These days being diagnosed with prostate cancer will certainly not end your life. However, it is imperative that you get treatment without delay. With the advent of new technologies, there are a plethora of prostate cancer treatment options available in the market. You should consult with reputed hospitals that offer the best cancer treatment in India for your prostate cancer treatment. In this context, you may consult with Livonta Global that is partnered with some of the best cancer hospitals in India.

Prostate cancer treatment options

Before recommending the best treatment for you, your doctor will consider many things including:

  •       The size of your tumour
  •       How far the tumour has spread.
  •       The growth of the tumour
  •       Your age and how healthy you are
  •       Your personal preferences

Active surveillance

Since prostate cancer grows gradually, hence doctors will suggest you not treat it unless it changes or causes symptoms. Your doctor will closely monitor the changes that your body will experience due to the tumour. With active surveillance, you need to do regular tests to check your cancer.


This is the healthiest option if your cancer hasn’t spread. Sometimes, your doctor only removes your prostate gland or they may need to take it along with surrounding tissues. The most common side effects of surgery are

  • Problem in urination
  • trouble getting and keeping an erection

Sometimes these problems disappear on their own. But you must ask your surgeons regarding the detailed procedure of surgery and its side effects.


In this treatment, high-energy beams (similar to X-rays) are used to destroy the cancerous cells. This could be ideal if your cancer is low grade or still only in your prostate. Sometimes, doctors recommend this after surgery to destroy residual cancerous cells. There are two types of radiation:

  • External: A machine outside your body directs rays at cancer.
  • Internal (brachytherapy): A doctor does surgery to place small radioactive “seeds” into or near cancer.

Proton beam radiation

This type of radiation therapy uses very small particles to destroy cancer cells that haven’t spread yet.

Hormone Therapy

Male sex hormones like testosterone accelerate the growth of prostate cancer cells. Hormone therapy treatment keeps the cancer cells from getting them. This treatment is also called androgen deprivation therapy. Some hormone treatments minimize the levels of testosterone and other male hormones. Other types hinder the way those hormones work.


Sometimes, drugs are often introduced to your body either by mouth or through an IV channel. These drugs attack and kill cancer cells and shrink the size of the tumour. But doctors often recommend chemotherapy if cancer has spread outside your prostate and hormone therapy doesn’t work for you.


This treatment works with your immune system to combat the disease. This is ideal in treating advanced prostate cancer.

Cryotherapy or Cryosurgery

If you are diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer, your doctor might choose to kill cancer cells by freezing them. They will insert small needles or probes into your prostate to deliver very cold gasses that kill the cells. The scientists and researchers haven’t done much long-term research to establish that this method kills cancer. This is certainly not the first line of treatment for a doctor.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

This device produces sound waves that deliver heat energy to destroy cancer cells. Though there is no clear data, researchers are trying to find more relevant data regarding this treatment method.

Prostate Cancer Vaccine

The prostate cancer vaccine prepares your immune system to attack cancer cells. If you have tried hormone therapy and it didn’t work for you, then this treatment could be the best option for you. This vaccine is entirely customized. Though scientists have not clearly established whether it stops or slows down cancer’s growth, still after using this treatment, men live longer with prostate cancer.

These are the common treatment methods for prostate cancer.

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