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Before going into what procedure the best cancer treatment doctors in India follow, first one should know what radiation therapy is? Radiation therapy uses a high energy beam to destroy cancerous cells inside your body and leave healthy cells from them to destroy. Cancer cells divide themselves and spread quickly in your body causing body parts to dysfunction. Through radiation, oncologists plan to destroy cancer cells and stop them from growing further and minimize the effect on the healthy tissues.  

There are many hospitals with the best cancer treatment in India that follow different types of methods for patients to recover:

External beam radiation – As its name suggests, external beam radiation therapy allows energy beams to enter through your body to cancer spots from outside that is generated by the big round machine just hovering above and around your body. 

Internal radiation therapy – Internal radiation as its name suggests, doctors use implants inside the patient’s body or where the cancer was spotted at the time of diagnosis and generate radiation to destroy cancer cells. Implants can be of different shapes and doctors choose the shape that can easily fit in where the cancer is growing. 

Systemic radiation therapy – In this, the doctor suggests the patient swallow some kind of a radioactive substance that will go through his mouth to a tube inside your body and destroy unwanted cells or cancerous cells, simultaneously. 

After choosing the one from the different types of methods doctors use, depending upon the patient’s condition, doctors choose to follow a systematic process:

To know which spot is affected and where cancer cells are exactly growing, patients need to be in simulation. When a patient is told to lie on the table, a machine around will scan the patient’s body. This can go for a week or can reach up to 10 weeks depending on the patient’s cancer type. 

During your simulation, your doctor can ask for reposition or your team will position you or your treatment table. Each session takes 20 to 30 minutes and delivers data for doctors to study and know how well your body is adapting to changes and treating itself from radiation. 

When they get the spot where cancer cells are affecting, they mark it with a temporary tattoo and through a linear accelerator machine doctors direct radiation to the marked spots. 

After this, oncologists come out with a complete report to patients that is administered during the process of radiation therapy. Your healthcare provider will provide you with the medicines and dose schedule of the first week. 

In most cases, the report comes out positive, but in a few cases, patients may be told to go through the radiation therapy again, just to get an idea about how much the patient has recovered. If everything turns out to be normal, the doctor will release the patient with revised medicines and doses according to the current condition. 

However, even if you are facing trouble after you get discharged from the hospitals you can ask your doctors for the medicines or solution in your next meet up. Because even a small change can lead to side effects. 

However, you should not stop eating nutritious food and items with more vitamins and calories that will strengthen your body from inside to fight against any infections and recover your body from the treatment quickly.

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