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There is a significant gap between the adults who are severely standing in the line of liver transplant and the organ available in India. Before anyone should go for organ transplant one must have a complete understanding of what MELD score is? Why is it important?

For many, liver transplant in India is a major reason for survival. As it also increases the life expectancy of an individual patient. There are many best Liver doctors in India and you can expect good care. Best liver doctors in India would suggest Patients with a MELD score of 25 or higher should at least once visit a doctor every week, score 19 to 24 should go check once every month, score between 18 to 24 should go once every three month, and for the patient score 1 to 10 should go check once every year.

MELD stands for Model for End Stage Liver Disease. What exactly is this MELT Test? Let us discuss and try to find out. Under the Liver transplant, patients are categorically lined up according to their body type, size, and Model for End Stage of Liver Disease score. MELD scores range from 6 to 40. 

Let us talk about what steps in Liver Transplant procedure doctor follows:

When you go for a Liver transplant to your best liver doctor in India, will review the following tests: 

CT Scan, Doppler UltraSound, Pulmonary function, and blood test. 

Once these scores have been reviewed and analysed by professional liver doctors, by MELD specialists, the patient’s with the highest MELD score will be provided the organ donation first than others. The higher the score, the higher the chances of the patient’s to fall in the risk of illness. 

The team of professional liver doctors take care of the patient’s liver organ to be transplanted until and only when the organ is available and a suitable match for the patient is identified.

A Liver Transplant team, after the discussion reached the conclusion of identifying the suitable organ, passes the message to the transplant team coordinator. Then, the Liver Transplant Coordinator calls up the patient to come to the hospital without having any sort of meal. Then, the patient might need to go from a few more test procedures, again. If the donor found the organ acceptable, the patient may proceed to the procedure for transplant. 

The Liver Transplant procedure involves intensive operation where it removes the actual liver and replaces it with the donor liver. The complete procedure of liver transplant takes upto 6 to 12 hours. 

As Liver transplant is a complex procedure, doctors put many tubes in the patient’s body. The tube goes through the patient’s mouth to the windpipe, for the patient to breathe for the first two days from the operations. The nasogastric tube is inserted through the patient’s nose that goes through your windpipe to the stomach to secrete out unwanted things. Another tube is inserted from penis to excrete the waste from urine. Another tube, inserted in the abdomen to make the blood flow around the liver properly and smoothly. 

You may have to stay in the hospital after liver transplantation for a minimum of 10 to 14 days. 

There is always a chance of having complications after discharge. Therefore, readmission at the hospital after a year of Liver Transplant is not so uncommon.  After the discharge, there is always a healthcare physician who is always on the update about your condition. And, if necessary you can be called up by your doctor at any time. 

I hope you find this blog helpful, informative and interesting. We will keep sharing and updating with you such interesting blogs. To follow and know more about the MELD score and process, contact or visit: www.livontaglobal.com

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