Sculpsure Treatment

What Is Sculpsure Treatment?

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Sculpture is a non-surgical fat-reduction procedure that uses laser heat to destroy fat cells in specific places. While it has demonstrated to be effective for both men and women of all body types, it is generally only indicated for people with a BMI of 30 or less. It’s not designed to help you lose weight, says the experts of weight loss treatment in Ahmedabad; instead, it’s designed to help you get rid of adipose fat in certain areas of your body. For people who suffer with weight, Sculpsure Treatment is a viable solution. Sculpsure is a quick and painless procedure with few side effects. It’s completely risk-free, with no scarring or bruises. Overall, if the person does not put on weight after therapy, it is an effective treatment for specific fat loss with long-term natural results.

Is Sculpsure Permanent?

It’s difficult to get rid of obstinate fat. Many people maintain a proper healthy diet, have a healthy lifestyle, and exercise regularly, but certain portions of their bodies remain resistant to change, regardless of fat percentage or shape. Having fat underarms, for example, even if they are at their target weight and exercise consistently. Fortunately, specific body contouring techniques like Sculpsure can now alleviate such problems.

Effectiveness In Fat Reduction

SculpSure involves melting fat cells beneath the skin with a hands-free heat laser (apoptosis) instrument that emits particular wavelengths. Although the effect can be seen immediately, obvious improvements take roughly three months. The body lymphatic system works for the first 12 weeks following the surgery to naturally drain the removed fat cells out as waste. As long as the patient does not gain weight, the fat loss in the treated areas will be permanent. SculpSure is also time-efficient because it may treat up to four body parts at the same time in a 25-minute session.

How does it Work ?

In this process, a new monopular RF system is used which makes the entire procedure painless as compared to liposuction. Targeted fat cells are irreversibly eliminated by regulating temperature variations. The process is quick, painless, and produces immediate results. A typical session lasts about 25 minutes and can kill up to 24% of treated fat cells.  The body’s lymphatic system periodically removes the damaged fat cells from the body for up to three months following the session. What makes it perfect for the busy millennials these days is the immediate effectiveness of the process. 

The upper abdominal area, lower abdominal area, flanks, saddlebag, and double chin are all treated with SculpSure. The treated fat cells are removed during the therapy and will not renew, therefore results can be seen visibly. It is recommended that you have two or three treatments in the same location to get the optimum results. The outcome is theoretically permanent if the patient succeeded in balancing the quantity of fat entering and leaving their body by following a healthy diet and activity plan. If the patient fails to balance their fat levels, all of their efforts will be for naught, and they will require more therapy in the same location.

Sculpsure has minimal swelling, redness, and light bruising as side effects. In a week or two, it will be gone. Numbness in the surgical site, on the other hand, can continue for several weeks.

To improve lymphatic drainage, limit edoema, and further aid in the expulsion of fat cells, perform five-minute rubs to the treatment area two times a day for two weeks. 

   Sculpsure Treatment

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