Which spinal neck disorders may be treated surgically in India?

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An Overview of Cervical Spine Surgery in India

Cervical Spine surgery is one of the most critical surgeries performed in India and before we go deep into understanding how it is performed, let us see what is this surgery all about.

Cervical Spine Surgery :

If a patient is observing regular symptoms of neck pain, tingling, weakness, and numbness, the orthopedic doctor will suggest him or her, cervical spine surgery in India. This surgery will help to restore the nerve functioning and prevent any abnormal motion in the neck.

The surgeon will perform this surgery with the help of bone grafting method where he would remove the disc or bone and fusing the vertebrae either at the front or back of the spine. The bone grafting is performed in two ways:

  • Autograft – here the bone is taken from the patient’s body
  • Allograft – here the bone is taken from a donor.

The surgeon might use metal plates and screws to stabilize the spine. These techniques are known as instrumentation.

Reasons for Cervical Spine Surgery :

When a person is experiencing plenty of spinal neck problems, the orthopaedist doctor will suggest this surgery. This surgery is performed for trauma, degenerative disorders or instability. These conditions put pressure on the spine and the nerves that are coming from the spine.

What conditions will be treated under the cervical spine surgery in India?

Medical tourism is booming in India and many people are coming to India to treat their medical ailments. The following are the conditions that are treated under this spine surgery in India:

  • Degenerative Disc Diseases

This is the most common disorder occurring in a number of people today. In this condition, the disc or the cushion pads between the vertebrae shrink and cause wearing of the disc resulting in herniation. The patient may also have some arthritic areas in the spine. This degeneration causes pain, weakness, tingling and excessive pressure on the spine.

  • Cervical Deformity

Many patients are diagnosed with deformities in the cervical spine. These deformities are known as swan neck deformity or hyperlordosis and these deformities can be treated with the help of this surgery. The upper neck disorders also put pressure on the spine and the doctors suggest surgeries when the disorders are severe.

Our neck is flexible and hence, it is more prone to injuries. Some injuries may cause fracture or major dislocation of vertebrae. When the injury is severe, the spinal cord may be damaged. People whose spinal cords are damaged need to go for such extensive surgeries that are performed by experienced medical experts.

The potential complications of the spine surgery :

Any surgery that is performed these days come with certain complications. The intensity of these complications will vary from person to person and case to case. And, this cervical spine surgery in India is no different. Post the operation, there are certain risks involved with the surgery. Some of the complications are injuries in the spinal cord, esophagus, nerves, vocal cords, failure to improve, infection, bone grafting pain and so on.

Some of the other complications include blood clots in various parts of the body, urinary problems, phlebitis in your legs and so on. There are rare cases of death as well. Once you reach out to your orthopedic surgeon, he or she will discuss all the complications as per your current health condition before undergoing the surgery.

Conclusion :

There is no need to panic or be nervous about. Cervical spine surgery in India is quite normal and there are best doctors in the country who will perform this surgery with great chances of success.

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