10 FAQs about breast cancer everybody must know


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Breast cancer is one of the most frequent types of cancers caused to women and is increasing in India and across the world at an alarming rate. There was a time when breast cancer used to hit mostly women above 40 years of age but with the changing lifestyle, exposure to the environment and past medical history, it has even started to occur in women below 40 years of age which is quite worrisome. Cancer treatment in India is very good and specially breast cancer where the rate of survival is higher provided it is diagnosed at early stages. If you are a woman, there must be several questions in your mind regarding this deadly disease and in this article, we will be sharing the top 10 frequently asked questions on breast cancer which everybody must know.

  • What are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

Not every symptom you observe will turn out to be breast cancer but some of the common symptoms include bulging of skin, painless lump on the breast, discharge, change in skin colour, nipple retraction. See a doctor if you observe any of these symptoms.

  • What are the Risk Factors Involved in Breast Cancer?

Till date the definite reason for breast cancer could not be found out but some of the factors like late pregnancy, early menstruation, late menopause, alcohol consumption, increasing age, use of oral contraceptives, family etc increase the risk of breast cancer.

  • How Often Must One Perform Self-Examination?

After 35 years of age, the more you perform a self-exam, the better it is but in general doctors recommend to perform self-examination once a month even if you are absolutely healthy and do not have any family history of breast cancer. 

  • Does Wearing a Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

There have been many studies and discussions regarding the association of padded bras and breast cancer but till date, none of the studies have proved that wearing a padded bra causes breast cancer.

  • Is it Possible to Lower Down the Risks Associated with Breast Cancer?

There are no proven ways as of now which helps in preventing breast cancer but surely some lifestyle changes like maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding alcohol, timely pregnancy etc can lower down the risk of breast cancer in future. 

  • Does Pregnancy and Menstruation History Increase the Risk of breast cancer?

Yes, women who get pregnant after the age of 30 and have menstruation before the age of 12 are at a higher risk of breast cancer.

  • Is Every Pain in the Breast a Symptom of Breast Cancer?

Not at all. Women experience pain in the breasts quite often and many times misinterpret the pain as the reason for breast cancer. The pain in the breasts is common before and during menstruation. But, if the pain lasts for more than 3 weeks, you can consult a doctor.

  • Are all Cysts Cancerous?

Cysts are common in many women and must not be related immediately to breast cancer as many times cysts occur before menstruation and disappear on their own sometimes later. If they don’t, visit a hospital where the best cancer treatment in India is done and get yourself tested.

  • Is Mammography Painful?

Mammography can be painful for some women as the breasts are pressed in the machine but for most, the pain is quite bearable. For those who can’t bear the pain, doctors advise painkillers to them.

  • What are the Possible Side Effects of Chemotherapy?

The common symptoms of chemotherapy involve loss of appetite, hair loss, infertility, menopause, change in smell and taste but differs in every individual.

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