Advanced Treatment Options For Cancer With The Best Hospitals In India

Advanced Treatment Options For Cancer With The Best Hospitals In India

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Cancer is a lethal and vexatious disease which used to take a chunk of lives every year. Cancer can develop in any part of the body and then, it can spread gradually to other parts. But these days science and medicine have grown to such an extent that there are several advanced cancer treatments in India.

In this article, we are going to discuss all advanced treatment options for cancer with the leading hospitals which provide the best cancer treatment in India. You can connect with Livonta Global which is partnered with many reputed hospitals in India for cancer treatment.

Some advanced treatment options available for cancer

Hipec treatment:

This treatment process heats chemotherapy drugs and administers them to the patients who are going through peritoneal mesothelioma or abdominal cancers. This effective treatment is used along with cytoreductive surgery.

Transoral Robotic surgery:

This process eliminates mouth and oral cancer. During the treatment process, the experts insert a sophisticated and computer-enhanced system which guides the surgical tools. The cameras give the surgeon an enlarged and clear view of cancer and the tissues surrounding it. This helps the surgeon to remove cancer and its surrounding tissue using an instrument.

Radiation therapy:

This is another effective treatment method for cancer. This process uses the high doses of radiation to destroy the cancer cells and also, squeezes the size of the tumours. The therapy affects the DNA of the cancer cells. The cancerous cells stop dividing and subsequently they die after a few sessions of the therapy.


The therapy strengthens the immune system so that it can easily fight cancer by itself. Substances made from living organisms are commonly used to make the immune system stronger and fight this lethal disease from within.

Now, take a look at some of the best hospitals which provide comprehensive cancer treatment in India.

This is a super speciality hospital which is famous for its excellent medical treatment and cares for cancer patients. The hospital is well-equipped with the latest machines and instrument and can easily diagnose and treat all types of cancers.

This is another prominent name when it comes to the treatment of cancer patients. The hospital provides the patients with the best quality care and always encourages them to combat cancer in healthier ways. The hospital is no longer inferior to the world’s best hospitals when it comes to infrastructure.

This is one of the leading cancer hospitals in Chennai which is known for its speciality care and multi-organ transplantation capabilities.

This is one of the premier cancer hospitals in Delhi which is located in Gurugram. The hospital is run and supervised by an outstanding team of doctors and surgeons who have some astonishing knowledge in the field of medical oncology. Though this hospital never compromises with its treatment quality, still, treatment packages are quite affordable.

  • Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai:

This is one of the oldest yet the most equipped hospitals in the country. This hospital offers excellent care and diagnostics to cancer patients. Till now, the hospital has performed several surgeries and intricate cases are also treated here successfully.

Livonta Global holds a respectable position in the field of medical tourism. The company is partnered with many reputed hospitals who are providing the best cancer treatment in India. If you are looking for the best and excellent treatment for cancer so that your cancer doesn’t enter in the advanced stage, you should reach Livonta Global for your treatment guidance.

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