Can Enzyme Therapy Kill Breast Cancer?

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The most frightening for any woman may be the thought of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Every year, nearly 250,000 American women are diagnosed with one form or another form of breast cancer. Thus, it is the number one concern for any woman of this era. Some popular treatment methods for breast cancer are surgery, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy. But now medical science is thriving exponentially because of the advent of the latest technology, hence a new-fangled treatment called enzyme therapy shows a positive impact on breast cancer. The best cancer treatment hospitals in India are also offering the latest treatment methods to patients so that they can combat this lethal disease.

The process by which cancer cells break free of their primary sites and move into nearby and distant tissue is known as metastasis. That’s why cancer is one of the most lethal diseases. Once cancer is reached the metastasis stage it would be very difficult to control and cure the disease. Though only 5% of breast cancer are metastatic, the deaths happen because of metastasis.

To break free successfully, cancer cells should overthrow various mechanisms that influence cell death when cells detach from the extracellular matrix. When a tumour grows gradually, its cells may become resilient to these mechanisms.

Since medical science is booming day by day, scientists have identified a cell enzyme called receptor-interacting protein kinase 1 (RIPK1). This enzyme plays a pivotal role in a type of cell death called necrosis.

An Astonishing New Role for RIPK1 in Cell Death

While the experts were investigating RIPK1, they were astounded to see that the enzyme has an effect on mitochondria. Thus, it plays a significant role in different types of cell death.

A senior study author Mr Zachary Schafer (an associate professor of cancer biology) says “this was going to be a story about necrosis, but we weren’t able to see evidence of it and knew there had to be something we’re missing.”

He and his team revealed that activation of RIPK1 as the cell detaches from the extracellular matrix triggers a process called mitophagy. This process destroys mitochondria (a tiny cellular compartment known as powerhouses because it supplies most of the cell’s energy).

The mitophagy activates further reactions in the detached cell that enhance levels of reactive oxygen species, or the compounds that cause oxidative stress that leads to cell death.

The study claimed that targeting the “RIPK1-mediated induction of mitophagy” is an efficacious way to prevent tumours from spreading by abolishing cancer cells that detach from the extracellular matrix.

The Role of MMP9 in Cancer Prevention

The researchers have also discovered a ubiquitous enzyme called MMP9 that plays a pivotal role in cancer’s metastasis-promoting machinery. It creates a hostile environment and prevents cancer cells from forming new metastatic tumours. Scientists have claimed that MMP9 is involved in remodelling wholesome tissue and transforming it into a kind of haven for migrating breast cancer cells.

A study report was published on November 14, 2019, in the journal of “Life Science Alliance” and according to the report these metastases can be stopped before they can lay the foundations for tumour growth. By administering an antibody that particularly targets and disturbs MMP9 activity, the scientists could prevent cancer from colonizing the lungs of mice. But unfortunately, MMP9 had no control over the primary tumour. So, it can be concluded that the enzyme’s primary role in this scenario is supporting existing malignancies, metastasizing and colonizing other organs rather than encouraging the growth of established primary tumours.   

Enzyme Therapy is gaining appreciation slowly in various scientific journals. Another study was conducted in Cologne, Germany, on cancer patients who are suffering from breast and Colo-rectal cancers. The study has found some promising results with enzymes. The enzyme therapy significantly decreased the size of the tumour and also, reduced side effects and complaints. They found that the enzymes had some astonishing properties including,

  •       Boost the Immune System
  •       Anti-inflammatory
  •       Anti-infectious
  •       Anti-tumour
  •       Anti-metastatic


Though enzyme therapy has shown some promising results in controlling breast cancer and other types of cancer, still, more studies are required to claim this therapy as an effective way to control the growth of cancer.

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