Things to Know Before Undergoing Liver Transplants in India

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A liver transplant might seem an intricate and horrifying process, in reality, this is the most practised treatment procedure in India. Over the past 38 years, surgeons have been performing this surgery with ease and precision. Many best liver hospitals in India are offering the best liver transplant in India to patients who are suffering from various liver diseases. Every year, a spectrum of people emerges fit and fine from the liver transplant process.

Let’s take a look at what are the things you need to consider before undergoing liver transplant surgery in India.

How is the Treatment Determined?

After evaluating your condition, a team of doctors or experts used to analyse whether you need a transplant or not. The evaluation process includes a study of your medical history, a range of tests, X-rays, blood tests to determine whether you need the invasive procedure or not. They also decide whether your body can withstand the procedure or not. The doctors also check and test other pivotal organs of your body like your heart, brain, lungs, kidney, etc. to decide whether they are performing well or not.

The Protocol Followed

Though liver transplant in India is an intricate process, still, it is the most systematic one. In this context, no hasty and sudden steps are taken. The patient and the family are well aware of every detail of the treatment procedure. Input and important information are taken and accepted by the patient and his or her family. The expert team stockpiles all information before conducting the treatment procedure. Moreover, the family needs to arrange a donor for carrying out the process. Hence, no abrupt steps can be taken. Everything is done in a well-organized and planned way.

How are Donors Arranged?

Liver transplant donors can be of two types. They can be either deceased donors or live donors.

In the case of a dead donor, the liver is taken from a deceased person and is planted in the patient’s body. In this case, the complete liver is taken out of the body. But you need to wait for a long time for a deceased donor. Thus, patients are opting for a live donor. Because you can easily find a live donor. For a living donor, only a part of the liver is taken out from the body and is implanted in the patient’s body. After a few days, the livers of both the donor’s and the recipient’s bodies come back to their normal sizes. The donor needs to stay 7-10 days in the hospital and the rest time at home is nearly 2-3 weeks. The living donor should be an 18-55 years old, willing and healthy family person weighing between 50-85 kg. The person should not overweight or obese and must have either the same blood group as the patient’s or blood group O. The donor needs to go for some screening tests like CBC, PT, LFTs, Serum creatinine, HBsAg, HCV antibody, HIV I, II, Chest X-ray, ECG and Ultrasound of the abdomen before the operation.

Is the Liver Transplant Process Safe?

Indubitably, a liver transplant is a safe procedure for both the donor (live) and the patient who is the recipient. The liver regenerates (come back to the normal size) within two to three months. The donor isn’t required to take any medication after the span of the first two to three weeks. Moreover, he/she may not face any complications in life. He or she can resume their normal activities within one month. Even after three months, the donor can resume strenuous activities like lifting weights etc.

Cost Factor

If you are thinking liver transplant surgery is a costly endeavour, this is the time you need to sit a little bit relaxed. Because many reputed and the best liver hospitals in India and healthcare institutes offer lucrative packages for the process. They even accept medical insurance so that the patients and their families don’t need to take the burden of the cost.

The liver transplant cost varies depending on the condition of the patient, the cause of liver disease, the severity and the length of preparation required for the patient before the transplant treatment, and the treatment of any other health issues that need to be performed before the transplant. The average cost of a liver transplant in India can range anywhere between 20 – 25 lakhs.

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