Things You Need to Know about Robotic Kidney Transplantation

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Only patients with advanced renal disease are advised to get a kidney transplant, according to medical professionals. Doctors cannot perform a kidney transplant on everyone who has a damaged kidney since it is a very complex process. There is a significant rise in the application of robotic kidney transplants in India and this marks the progress of medical science with the right blend of futuristic
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Robotic assistance helps surgeons execute kidney transplants thanks to advancements in technology and medicine. The advantages of these less invasive procedures over conventional surgery are greater. The procedure is better accomplished with robotic assistance since it is simpler for the surgeon to carry out the operation and the patient has less discomfort and suffering during the entire procedure. If you or someone you know is going for kidney transplant surgery in India, have a word with the doctor to find out if it can be done by a robotic surgery.

Who needs a kidney transplant?

A kidney transplant is not always an option for people with renal disease. Only if you are in the latter stages of renal illness would your doctor advise a kidney transplant. At this point, the only choices are a kidney transplant or dialysis. But unlike a kidney transplant, dialysis does not allow the patient to be as free and lead a regular life.

All age groups, including children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly, are candidates for kidney transplantation. Additionally, individuals with other illnesses, such as diabetes, may also receive a kidney transplant; however, you must discuss the complete procedure and scenario with your healthcare professional.

What happens in a robotic-assisted kidney transplant?

The procedure involves transplanting healthy kidneys into the body, just like the conventional approach. However, the method used in robotic-assisted transplant surgery is distinct.
The surgeon utilises robotic hands, which offer greater dexterity than human hands, in contrast to the open surgery technique. Through these hands, the doctors use their training and knowledge to carry out the procedure.

With this procedure, the incisions are smaller, measuring around 7 cm. The surgeon makes this incision, removes the bad kidneys, and inserts the healthy kidney back into the body. To implant additional tools into the patient’s body, further incisions are 1 cm long. Once more, the 3-D camera improves the surgeon’s field of vision as he manipulates the robotic hand, imitates his movements, and completes the operation.

What are the Benefits of a Robotic Kidney Transplant?

  • The kidney transplant using robotic technology has many benefits over traditional surgery.
  • Compared to human hands, robotic hands can perform more precise incisions. This is particularly helpful when the surgery location is constrained and a smooth dissection is necessary.
  • Traditional open surgery may not be very effective for patients who have advanced renal diseases. In that situation, RAKT is a better choice that raises the likelihood of survival.
  • For obese patients who cannot have open surgery, this method is safer.
  • Minimal blood loss and scarring occur during the robotic transplant procedure.
  • The healing time is brief.
  • Postoperative problems are less likely to occur.

Risks of a Robot Assisted Transplant:

Certain dangers are connected to this type of machine-dependent procedure, including

  • The potential for organ damage in the area.
  • The formation of a hernia.
  • Excess carbon dioxide being held in the abdomen.
  • Compression of nerves.

However, a robotic kidney transplant has no fatal side effects.

Things to note before going for a robotic kidney transfer

An extensive procedure is a kidney transplant itself. A more modern method of kidney transplantation is robotic assistance. As a result, you must receive your transplant from a facility that employs qualified medical professionals with kidney transplant experience. Additionally, the surgeon and his staff should have much experience using robotic equipment.

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