What Are the Treatment Options for Breast Cancer?

What Are the Treatment Options for Breast Cancer?

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Breast cancer is the second most feared disease among women which can be cured if diagnosed early. Now, with the invention of new medical technologies and techniques, the treatment options for breast cancer are wider as compared to an earlier age. Many hospitals are providing the best cancer treatment in India at an affordable price. What are the treatment options for breast cancer? You must be wondering about this question. Don’t worry! Here, we are going to describe everything in detail for you so that you can overcome this lethal disease.

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Breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer treatment is highly dependent on stage and grade of tumour and what types of tumour you are suffering from. Various types of breast cancer tumours can occur in different parts of the breast, like the lobules, ducts or the stromal tissue. Depending on the nature of the tumour and the region, your doctor will suggest the best treatment therapy which will work for your cancer.

What are the treatment options for breast cancer?


The surgical treatment begins with resection of the tumour through surgery. Lumpectomy (for localized or stage 0 tumour) is performed where the doctors remove only the cancerous lump from the breast. The rest of the area remains unaffected. This is a tiny procedure and you can shortly go home after the surgery. Lumpectomy is often followed by radiation therapy. On the other hand, mastectomy or surgical removal of the breast is done when the cancer is spread to the whole breast. Mastectomy is followed by reconstruction surgery of the breast in the later stage and chemo/radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy

In this type of treatment, the doctor uses x-rays(high-intensity) to destroy the cancer cells and keep them from coming back. The two common types of radiation therapies are included and they are external radiation therapy and internal radiation therapy. For internal radiation therapy, a radioactive substance is sealed in needles or catheters near or into cancer. On the other hand, in external radiation therapy, the tumour is destroyed by an external machine which sends radiation to the cancerous cells. Breast cancer is treated by external radiation.


This treatment uses chemo drugs to extirpate the cancerous cells. Chemo drugs comprise of both oral and injectable drugs. Chemo drugs are used after surgical therapy to kill the remaining cancerous cells. Sometimes, it is used before the surgery to reduce or shrink the size of the tumour. Chemotherapy has some side effects because it targets the normal body cells also.

Hormonal therapy

Breast cancer commonly has hormone receptors like oestrogen which helps the tumour to grow large. If the tumour responds to hormones, then by blocking the hormone receptors, you can shrink the size of the tumour. In hormonal therapy, tamoxifen is given to patients who are suffering from localized breast cancer (stage 0). Tamoxifen has some side effects and sometimes, it can enhance the chances of endometrial cancer. Thus, women who receive tamoxifen should have regular pelvic exams to look for signs of cancer.


This is an experimental cancer treatment for breast cancer. This emerging therapy uses immunotherapeutic agents which have lesser side effects as compared to chemotherapeutic drugs. This therapy uses the body’s natural defence to fight against the cancerous cells. For the treatment of metastatic breast cancer, pembrolizumab is quite beneficial. This is an immune checkpoint inhibitor which blocks the specific antibodies. Thereby, it makes it difficult for the body’s immune system to fight cancer.

Pain management

For metastatic disease (stage 4) when cancer has reached in an advanced stage it can cause pain in the bones, muscles and discomfort around the liver. So, you should discuss pain management with your doctor as a part of your cancer treatment.

These are some treatment options for breast cancer. If you have diagnosed with breast cancer, you can take help from Livonta Global who will connect you with the most renowned hospitals which provide the best cancer treatment in India.

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