Why is India the best country for cancer treatment

Why is India the best country for cancer treatment

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One of the most deadly diseases that we humans have ever faced is cancer. Every person involved in the treatment of cancer suffers both physically and emotionally as a result of the disease. Not only does it have a bad effect on the patient’s mental health, but it also disturbs their financial stability. The cost of therapy increases significantly for an ordinary patient due to the substantial cost required to obtain cutting edge technologies and expensive medications. Since its start, the illness has grown to be a significant factor in both rural and urban fatalities. India has the world’s top doctors and cancer treatment programmes. Due to the best Cancer treatment India, many hospitals in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai have experienced a rise in patients from South Asian nations where patients lack access to quality medical treatment. People go great distances to visit India in order to benefit from the quality assurance of Indian medication for cancer.

Major reasons why people choose India for cancer treatment

As discussed earlier, Indian cancer hospitals have world class oncologists who are experienced and qualified enough to provide world class medications and care to cancer patients. One of the major reasons why people from across the world choose India as the treatment centre for cancer is the cost of the treatment. The cost of the cancer treatment in India is very much affordable as compared to many other countries which makes it convenient for people to come and take the treatment here. Cancer hospitals in India, specially in the bigger cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai etc have advanced machinery and equipment which are vital in detecting cancer and useful in the treatment during different stages of the disease.

Updated with latest machines and therapy

India’s cancer facilities boast some of the best equipment in the world, including the Da Vinci Robot, a machine-assisted surgical instrument that greatly increases the accuracy of operation. Cyberknife surgery is a type of non-invasive, painless radiation treatment that is readily accessible in India. It has no negative side effects. Additionally, India offers proton therapy, which is provided in just a few other nations. With such world class and modern therapies, people from across the world are getting benefited in Indian cancer hospitals spending lesser money as compared to other under-developed and developed countries.

Very much affordable treatment

India has always been appreciated worldwide for providing health services to the world and to its own citizens at a very affordable cost without compromising with the quality of the treatment. The average cost of therapy is about Rs 1.5 lakhs, but it can sometimes exceed Rs 50 lakhs. In India, the average cost of a surgery is around Rs. 3 lakh, which is again much less than that of wealthy nations.
In order to personalise the course of therapy to a person’s disease, India also offers a variety of cancer treatment programmes. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, stem cell transplant, and precision medicine are all services offered in the nation.

Many quality cancer hospitals

India is a big country and has many big and developed cities which is why the number of good cancer hospitals in India are many and not limited to only 3 or 4. Many cities like Delhi and Mumbai have more than 2-3 good hospitals so people coming from different parts of the world have the option to select the hospitals based on the cost of the treatment and quality which makes it even more convenient for them to come to India

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